NECK EXERCISES - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Perform the movements in given order 2 times a day, starting from ... repetitions each time. When your muscles strengthen and pains decrease, increase the number of repetitions on daily basis. Do not exercise excessively, especially at the beginning.

The light and short-term discomfort after the exercise is tolerable; if the discomfort is severe and lasts longer than I 5- 20 minutes, do not continue to exercise before counseling your doctor.

I. Using your hand bend your head slowly to touch your shoulder with your ear. Rest and straighten up. Repeat in opposite direction.


2. Using your hand bend your head down to touch your chest with your chin without excessive strain. Stay at this position for 5 seconds, straighten up slowly and rest.

3. While your head is positioned to look straight forward, without changing the direction of your head, pull your jaw backwards, stay at that position for 5 seconds and rest.

4. Put your hands on your forehead and try to push your head forward while resisting the movement with your hands, count to I 0 and rest.

Side resistance: Put your hand on your right cheek and try to push your head to the right while resisting. Count to I 0 and rest. Repeat the same exercise with your left hand to the left.

5. Sit up straight, leave your arms free and pull your shoulders upward, then backward and forward, thus drawing a circle at anteroposterior (front to back) direction with your shoulders.

6. Sit up straight, lift up your shoulders and try to touch your ears. Count to 5 and relax.

7. While sitting up straight, place your hands on your waist and try to join your arms at the back of your body as much as possible in an attempt to bring your elbows together. Count to 5 and relax.

8. While sitting up straight, lock your hands behind your back and try to pull your shoulder blade bones together. Count to 5 and relax.


When sitting, keep your neck straight without bending it backward or forward. Use rigid chais with armrests. Keep your spine straight and completely resting against the back of the chair. If necessary, support your neck with a neck pillow suitable for your neck curve.

• When sleeping, try not lie facedown. Sleeping on your side is more comfortable. Ensure a normal stance for your head and neck using your pillow and keep your arms down. If you wish to sleep on your back, place your pillow in a manner to fill up the neck curve. Do not use high and rough pillows that could excessively force your head to fall down or on one side.

• While driving, keep your head above the steering wheel. Your seat (preferably rigid) should be neither too low nor too high, so that you don't require stretching your neck to look over.

• Use a neck pillow or an ordinary pillow to support your neck while traveling.

• Do not lie down on a sofa to watch television. Use a rigid armchair or chair.

• Never lift, pull or push heavy objects. Divide the loads you need to carry equally on both hands.

• Do not carry loads on your head. Do not lift loads above the level of your head.

• Do not hold your neck continuously bent forward or in the same position.

• Take care not to remain in the same position for a long time. If you work at a desk all day, get up and walk around every time you get the chance. Especially if you work at a computer or a workbench, change your position every 30 minutes.

• When speaking on the phone, do not hold your device between your neck and shoulder.

• Do not fall asleep when sitting which will cause your neck bend down.

• Organize yourself a comfortable working environment.

• Increase your will of life. Do physical exercise. Be enthusiastic!

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