Yes! Many diseases can improve, can start simple and become complicated, even can threaten the life although we do not have the feeling of pain or pain does not warn us... Of course, pain is not a pleasant feeling, it may knock you up, you may say "I will get away somehow if I die", it may be difficult for you to do your daily work, we may become inoperable, but the earliest warning system for problems that occur in our body is our "pain" feeling.

When there is a problem in our body, if the pain achieves to capture our interest is it possible to place importance on the pain, to look at the positive side? Yes...!!!

Mechanical causes, incorrect use of the body at home, at work or while doing sports, is in first place among the reasons of back and neck pain. Pain usually starts with short, mild repetitions; tries to warn us but most of us do not take it into account, "we'll manage". When back or neck pain occur, home and business environment risks, protection measures should be revised, we must strive to reduce errors. Are you looking at the height of the screen, lumbar support, the height of the table when using computer? Do you have a break when you make a job for a long time? Dou you get up from your chair in the rest breaks? You made heavy exercise in the gym because you feel guilty due to working seated and always riding the car; and had any new pain? If there is pain in our musculoskeletal system, back or neck, we must review our way of using our body, movement and lifestyle although there is not a certain disease. We can find a variety of written resources about ergonomics / work-human harmony; we can consult our physician for a healthy life.

Back and neck pain became a growing problem especially in the modern big city life; it took first place in the rankings of joint diseases, which affects the health of the community, in statistics of the World Health Organization. It can take the second place after cold, when the rates of labor loss and admitting to physician are examined. Back or neck pain can occur at least once during the entire life of every human. Back and neck pain reveal due to mechanical reasons or strains at the rate of 90-95%; 5% of them may be due to serious or fatal diseases. When the causes of diseases related to age are examined; mechanical strains, hernia, in young and middle ages, diseases like arthritis with age is in the first place.

An important part of back and neck pain relieves spontaneously in a short time by relaxing. We want to refer to a physician, when pain increases or prolonged, but we may have difficulties to decide which physician to refer. Although there are different practices according to health systems, the first admitted physicians are general practitioners, occupational and family physicians. Specialists of Physical therapy and Rehabilitation, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Orthopedics from surgical branches may be consulted when specialist physician evaluation is required.

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis procedures are also performed in patients with back and neck pain as in other diseases; the lifestyle, movement and immobility (!) of the people are examined in more detail. Home and business conditions, hobbies are reviewed; errors that can cause pain, appropriate solutions are determined by physician - patient cooperation.

Physical Medicine or Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation with the traditional name (PTR) area are interested of patients with back and neck pain intensively. PTR specialist physicians are involved in the diagnosis process and both in the treatment planning and follow-up of the patients. PTR area offers many treatment options to the patients that do not need surgery. Lifestyle recommendations are created in order to prevent recurrence of pain with rehabilitation approach; the service can be given with a crowded team; physiotherapist, nurses, orthotic technician, psychologist and the contribution of many specialists.

Although mechanical strains are often the cause of back and neck pain, there may be another underlying rheumatic diseases. The disease to get the original form can spread to years, it can course slowly. The diagnosis of some rheumatic diseases may not be finalized soon despite all the tests. In these cases, various treatment options are performed; the patients are kept under follow-up and control. Our patients want to get quick and accurate results in treatment, to be painless with the advances in medicine and mesmerizing effect of the high technology, but musculoskeletal diseases usually requires patience, changes in habits, home and workplace arrangements. Our body, which we fret over many years and use violently, may show slow recovery; physicians may suggest many new rules and “prohibitions” to be complied with.

Handling of pain changed in modern medicine approaches and now "pain management" concept is used. Determining the causes that reveals pain and the selection of appropriate treatment is interested in many areas of expertise in medicine. Physicians may perform intensive consultations / consulting each other, and sometimes council assessments by becoming together. Patients are evaluated with a bio-psycho-social approach. Pain sensation may vary according to biological characteristics of the people as well as personality, age, gender and the social structure where they are located. Not only treatment for the cause of pain is performed, but treatment of the pain can be performed directly. The target is relief of pain, psychosocial recovery, independence in their daily work and return to work.

Pain management starts with information and education, often medication treatment becomes important. Principles of rational drug use is to choose the most suitable, most effective, with at least side effects, showing the least interaction with other diseases or the medications used, the cheapest medication carefully.

Several private initiatives, injections and physical therapy options are used together or separately with the medication in pain treatment. Surgical treatment only to reduce pain is a rarely used option. Surgical procedures are performed in back and neck hernias, however accurate decision and appropriate patient selection is important.

Physical therapy and physiotherapy practices are our important assistants to trigger natural repair mechanisms of the body with heat, electric current and various energy sources, to relieve pain, to increase flexibility, to strengthen our muscles. Physiotherapy practices are planned and prescribed individually.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specialist physicians may recommend physiotherapy prescription (such as heat, ultrasound, electrotherapy), resting and exercise programs according to the patient, the stage of disease and the accompanying other diseases. Care must be taken for planning of measures with the patients to avoid the recurrence of pain after the treatment of the period called "attack", which back and neck pain is intense, is completed.

A number of principles gain importance when planning exercises appropriate for the person. The first step is to determine the characteristics of the person's body: such as flatfoot, curvature of the spine, loss of elasticity in the rear leg muscles, whether there is a lack of abdominal muscle strength or not. If there are such disadvantages are present, the measures for the elimination of them are created first. Then, long-term sustainable exercise programs, sports and activities with many benefits less damage that people will enjoy are determined for healthy back and neck in the light of the general principles of healthy living. Recommendations for personal conditions such as working seated for a long time or standing up often are added.

With wishes for a healthy, happy, painless life without fear of pain by hearing the warnings coming from pain...!




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